Our laboratory includes the latest generation equipment to provide high production capacities with up to a million bottles per month. We also offer a variety of packaging containers in all sizes. Our wide range lines of production allows us to be flexible and responsive. In order to meet all our customers requirements, our quality department supervises the production runs in our facilities which meet the strictest hygiene and safety regulations.

We have a large capacity to receive and store your flavored bases and/or concentrates.

To ease the manufacturing process, we add in your bases/concentrates the best quality PG/VG and nicotine on the market. That way we can guarantee the nicotine emissions of the final product.

We use the best up to date automatic and semi automatic machines to bottle your juices and have the capacity of 1 million bottles per month.

Pairing with our bottling capability we also label and package your juices directly according to the legal norm requirements.

The recent growth of the electronic cigarette in Europe is the origin of the regulatory process (European Directive 2014/40/EU) and standardization. These regulations and guidelines are intended to regulate the market and to ensure consumer safety. Starting late October 2016 foreign manufacturers will be denied access to the European market.

For your convenience we provide warehouse, orders and shipping management straight from our producing platform.


We offer the opportunity to drop ship and deliver to all your existing and new clients generated through our distribution network.


Our US partners e-liquids will be added to our website and our online commercial space offering high visibility on the web and reaching our established large network of wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

Solevan Group offers a dedicated staff to your TPD declaration (administratively and scientifically), to register your declaration, production and the standards for labeling. We will guide you through the steps to follow throughout the declaration of production and bring your products to the market TPD Ready.